UAF Botany One Liner Questions for Entry Test Preparation Part-1

UAF Botany One Liner Questions for Entry Test Preparation Part-1
UAF Botany One Liner Questions for Entry Test Preparation Part-1

UAF Botany One Liner Questions. UAF Botany One Liner Questions for Post Graduate Entry Test Preparation. UAF Botany One Liner Questions for M.Sc Students. UAF Botany One Liner Questions for Ph.D Students.

Fusion of the two haploid cells, gametes & gamete nuclei to form the diploid zygote__________________Fertilization option
Psilotum is only species whose the gametophyte contain the____________Vascular tissues
Asexual reproductive structure which develop into the new individual in the bryophytes is the______________________Gammae cup
The Male reproductive organ of the Charophyta is____________Globule
Each aerial shoot of the Tmesipteris exhibit the_______________dichotomyOne
In Lycophytes, megaspore developed in to the______________Megagametophyte
Entire division of the Lycophytes consists of the____________generaFive
Water bodies such as the pond & lake that do not flow are known as________________Lentic
A fungus containing the symbiotic algae_____________Lichen
A single spore formed from contents of the cell_______________Monospore
The Scale like outgrowth devoid of the vascular tissues is called__________________enation
Fungus component of the lichen partnership______________Mycobiont
Association between the hyphae of the fungus and root of the plant is the_________________Mycorrhizae
The Sexual reproduction involving the fusion of the large non motile egg with the small motile sperm is the______________Oogamy
Number of the orders in the water ferns is the_____________Two
Distinct metabolically active intracellular structure surrounded by the one & more envelops and has its own genome is the_______________Organelle
The Organisms that obtain the energy by absorbing and metabolising nutrients are the_________________Osmotrophs
Earliest known progymnosperms species with the heterospory is the_____________Chauleria
Pollen grain formation is the key feature which makes the water__________________for the fertilizationUn-necessary
Organism that lives on & inside the body of the different organism and obtains the nutrients from it______________Parasite
Thallus comprised of the unspecialized cells having the ability to grow in all the planes is the______________Parenchymatous
In mosses the dominant generation is the_______________Gametophyte
Mode of the heterotrophic nutrition involving ingestion of the particles_______________Phagotrophy
Organisms using the light as the energy source and CO2 as the principal carbon source_______________Photoautotroph
Movement of the organism towards the light source is known as______________Phototaxis
Photoautotrophic component of the lichen partnership is the____________Phycobiont
In Ferns the dominant generation is the______________Sporophyte
In Gymnosperms the dominant generation is the_____________-Sporophyte
The Free floating microscopic organisms are popularly known as____________________Plankton
Fusion of the protoplasts of the two cells without fusion of the nuclei___________Plasmogamy
The Cytoplasmic, photosynthetic pigmented organelle & its non-photosynthetic derivative is known_______________Plastids
In Angiosperms the dominant generation is the______________Sporophyte
Cell & organism composed of the cells lacking a membrane bound nucleus, histones and the organelles is known as____________Prokaryote
Filamentous & plate like structure produced by germinating the spore is the______________Protonema
The Megasporangia produce the megaspores that give rise to the_____________Female gametophyte
Proteinaceous structure inside the some plastids meant for starch formation is the__________________Pyrenoid
Thick walled spores, which are resistant to the extremes of the environments are the_________________Resting spore
A carotenoid unique to the siphonaceous algae is the____________Siphonoxanthin
Micro-organisms capable of the living and surviving in the soil is the___________Soil-borne
The Seed bearing plants which do not have the flowers are called____________Gymnosperms
A resistant spore surrounded by the silicified wall formed in the members of Chrysophyta is the_______________Statospore
The Seed bearing plants which flowers are called________________Angiosperms
The Gymnosperms have been originated about the______________ million years ago319
In Gymnosperms leaves are the———————Needle like
In Gymnosperms male cone is found at the_____________ of the treeAt bottom
Structure in which the tetraspores are formed___________________Tetrasporangium
In Gymnosperms female cone is found at the_____________of the treeOn top
Hard covering enclosing protoplasm of the cell for example in the Bacillariophyta is the______________Theca
Organisms that can tolerate the high temperature (45-65 C) is known as_________________Thermophilic
Aggregation of the similar cells, which are structurally and functionally organized, is the_____________Tissue
A row of the cells without the sheath (in Cyanophyta) is known as the_____________Trichome
Sporangium composed of the single cell producing the zoospore_________________Bilocular sporangium
A structure containing the uredospores is known as________________Telitium
In angiosperms, the sporophyte generation is the_______Triploid
In gymnosperms, the gametophyte generation is the_________-Diploid
The order of the gymnosperms which contain all the fossils____________Bennettitales
Which of following order contain the single species___________?Bennettitales
Which of following order contains all living forms___________?Ginkgoales
In cycadales the stems are the_______________Complex branching
Tallest tree belongs to the_____________Pteridophytes
A flagellated asexual spore of the algae is known as the_______________Monospore
Diploid nucleus & cell produced by the fusion of the haploid cells and destined to develop in to the new individual___________________Aplanospore
Oldest tree belongs to the_________________Gymnosperms
Filamentous thallus showing the differentiation into the basal and erect more openly branched filaments on the substrate is known as____________________Heterotrichous
The Characteristic shape & appearance of the individual is called____________Habit
Number of the species in the Ephedra is the____________65
Number of the wild gymnosperm species in Pakistan is the_____________17
Basal portion of the sporophyte in the bryophytes that attached to the gametophyte is the________________Foot
If the leaf lamina is segmented into more than the one plane then leaf is called________________Compound leaf
Living organisms at the organelle level of the organization are the___________________Bacteria
Photosynthetic pigments that absorb the light energy and transfer it to the reaction center of the chlorophyll____________Accessory pigments
A thick walled resting spore is called_________________Akinete
Protoctists comprising several groups that are simple in the form, producing energy through the photosynthesis and lack true tissue differentiation of body are known as_____________-Algae
Male sexual structure in the algae, fungi and the bryophytes is the_____________Anthredium
Leaf like structures of sporophyte that bear spores are known as_________________Sporophylls
Union of the two nuclei both derived from the single parent known as____________________Autogamy
The Larger sporophylls are called_______________Megaphylls
System of the nomenclature introduced by the Linnaeous, composed of the two names; the first as genus and the second
Species is known as_____________________
Phenomenon of the production of the light by living organisms is the___________________Bioluminescence
The Yellow, orange & red light harvesting pigments soluble in the organic solvents are the__________________Carotenoids
Diploid spore produced in the carposporangium in red algae are the_________________Carpospore
The Larger sporophylls are called_______________Microphylls
Pteridophytes were originated about the__________ million years ago420
Number of the phyla in Pteridophyta is the______________4
The Multinucleate condition of the filament without crosses the walls called___________________Coenocytic
Fusion of the two non flagellated gametes is known as___________Conjugation
Hygroscopic cell & band usually attached to the spore for example in the Bryophyta is known as the_____________Elator
Colony of the algal cells in the specific arrangement and number that does not increase the once mature is the__________Coenobium
Plants inside the another plant is known as the_____________Endophytes
Number of the species is Psilotum is the______________Two
The Externally borne spore not necessarily resistant to the adverse conditions is the______________Short and branched
Gametophytes of the Psilotum are________________Short and branched
……………..are the regions of the cells capable of the division and growth in the plantsMeristems
In trees and shrubs …………………….is responsible for the increase in the girthLateral meristems
In monocots………………forms the protective tube around the emerging shootsColeoptile
Primary growth in the plants is brought about by…………………Apical meristems
………………..forms between xylem and phloem in the vascular bundlesVascular cambium
In the plants, dermal system is composed of …………….that forms the outer protective covering of plantEpidermis
…………….is the outermost layer of the apical meristem which develops into the epidermis & epidermal tissue systemProtoderm
Histogen theory was proposed by the__________________Henstein
Presence of the casparian strips is the characteristic of the…………………Endodermis
Best method to determine the age of the tree is the…………………To count the number of annual rings
Which of following give rise to the cork tissue__________________-?Phellogen
The Tunica corpus theory is connected with the………………………Shoot apex
The Cork cambium and the vascular cambium are the………………Lateral meristem
UAF Botany One Liner Questions

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