Food Sciences One Liner Questions for UAF Entry Test Preparation Part-1

Food Sciences One Liner Questions for UAF Entry Test Preparation Part-1
Food Sciences One Liner Questions for UAF Entry Test Preparation Part-1

Food Sciences One Liner Questions. Food Sciences One Liner Questions for UAF Post Graduate Entry Test Preparation. Food Sciences One Liner Questions for UAF GRE Test Preparation.

The First synthetic dye, mauve, was discovered by the Sir William Henry was discovered in the___________________1856
It is derived from the shells of the dried female insects is the main pigment in the carmine___________________Carminic acid
It is the study of the chemistry of the foods, their deterioration, and the principles underlying the improvement of the foods for the consuming—————————–Food chemistry
A property of the living organisms to regulate its internal environment to maintain the stable, constant condition through the various mechanisms___________________Homeostasis
Moisture contents in the meat is almost the______________65percent
Large amounts of the calcium supplements can cause the_______________Constipation
This vitamin consists of the three biologically active molecules, ketone, aldehyde and retinoic acid____________________Vitamin A
Xerophthalmia is the abnormal dryness of conjunctiva and the cornea of the eye, with the inflammation and ridge formation, typically associated with the vitamin___________________Vitamin A
Symptoms of the scurvy include bleeding and bruising easily, hair and tooth loss, joint pain and the_________________Swelling
Cardiac arrest is known as the_________________Hypocalcemia
The main function is transport of the vitamin A, sense of the taste, wound healing muscle contraction, immune health_______________Zinc
The toxicity of the sulphur causes no toxic effects at doses under the______________4 g/Kg body weight
The Diabetes, insulin circulation, fat metabolism is caused by the toxicity of the__________________Zinc
The disease of the lameness is also known as the____________Beri Beri
The Symptoms of the dry beriberi are the_______________-Feet and hand sensation
Tingling (All these options are correct)
Jam and the marmalade have the water activity of the_______________0.80-0.87
The Yeast, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, legumes, milk, green leafy vegetables, coffee or tea are the sources of the vitamin_____________B3
The sources of the vitamin C are the__________________Citrus family
The Acid base fluid balance, stomach digestion are the functions of the______________Chloride
The Cancer, heart disease and liver damage are cause due to the excess use of the________________Iron
Tooth or the bone growth, eye maintenance, immunity, mucous membranes and skin tissues are the functions of the_____________Vitamin A
The Lakes and the dyes are__________________Insoluble & Soluble
The Breakfast cereals, snack foods and powdered food have the water activity of the____________________Less than 0.65
High doses may lead to the diarrhea are the main reason for the toxicity of the___________________Magnesium

Which one is not the macromolecule group of the food________________EmulsifierWhich one has not the glycerol unit as backbone_________________
Hydrophobicity of the lipids is associated with the______________Ionic compounds

The Olive oil is rich in the___________________Oleic acid
Which one property is not the directly associated to the chemical composition of the raw food______________________Safety aspect of products
EPH and the DHA types lipids are mostly found in the_____________Fish

Which one has not the glycerol unit as backbone_________________Sphingolipids

Which one has the narrow range of the melting points_____________?Vegetable butter
The Amino acids can be distinguished from each other by the______________Functional group R
Which one of them do not belong to the same category_____________Amino acids and carbohydrates
The strongest bonding type in the alpha helix structure is the____________Hydrogen bond
The Kosher is the food allowed for the_______________Jews
Properties and type of the emulsifier depends upon____________________Glycerol
Ice cream is the type of the_______________
Monoglycerides play the role of the emulsifier in the____________Lipids
The Crystallization can be avoided by the emulsifier in the__________Egg
Most visible example of the protein denaturation is the___________Fats and oils
Which one is not an effect of the protein denaturation_____________?Change in amino acid sequence
The example of the droplet of the emulsified water is the___________Butter
Water freezes at the 32oF and boils at the______________213oF
The Chlorophyll extracts are not permitted for the use as food colorant in the which country__________________USA
Severe vitamin D deficiency has the serious consequences for the bone health and increases the risk of which disease______________________Osteoporosis
Symptoms of the scurvy include the_________________Bleeding and bruising
Hair and tooth loss (All of these options are correct)
Joint pain and swelling
The largest and the most complex of all the vitamins___________________Vitamin B12
————occurs rarely in foods & the human body, but is the form most often used in vitamin supplements and the fortified foodsFolic acid
Which light is the more destructive to the food colors as compared to the sunlight________________?B Ultraviolet
The legislation named inter alia was practiced by the_____________Ancient Irish
The Licensing system was first introduced in the____________1822
Which of following cannot be categorized as the food additive according to the Punjab Pure Food Rules_______________?Ca
The additives other than the permitted food additives cannot be used in the foods unless the__________________Notified by the Govt.
The common name of the food color Food Blue 1 is the_____________Indigo Carmine
Which of following can be included in the preservatives as per Punjab Pure Food Rules_______________?Sodium metabisulphite
Which of following cannot be used as the preservative in the meat products_________________?Sulphur dioxide
Flavors which are prepared chemically from the aromatic raw materials are known as________________Natural Identical flavors
Which of following is prohibited to be used as the solvent in thde flavor preparations___________________?Monoethyl ether
Diethylene glycol (Both these options are correct)
The Monosodium salt of L glutamic acid is the permissible in the foods if derived from the__________________Vegetable sources
Yeast extract is the permissible in the foods if it is derived from the__________Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Inorganic colors and the pigments can only be used in the foods in very small quantities_______________False
The use of the artificial colors is conditionally permitted in the raw foods_____________________False
The Potable water cannot be used as the diluent & filler in the food color preparations________________-False
A license granted under the hotel and the restaurant act remains in force for the period of the________________1 year
The controller has the authority to fix the salaries of the staff working on the regular basis in a hotel & restaurant_____________True
Frozen fruits can be regarded as the raw & fresh fruit as the per Punjab pure food rules_________________False
Which of following regulations is the true for the fruit juices______________?Should be free from artificial colors
The Foods not elsewhere standardized shall not be liable to any of the rules described in the Punjab pure food rules___________False
The naturally water present in the milk is the______________-84-88percent
The Pasteurization is meant for the killing____________Pathogenic microorganisms
LTLT treatment means the_______________63 C for 30 min
UHT stands for the________________Ultra high temperature
Natural sugar in the milk is the______________Lactose
Acidity of the milk is due to the____________-Lactic acid
Milk is the rich source of the_______________Calcium
Basic purpose of the milk is the_______________-To feed newborn
Density of the milk fat is the_______________Less than water
Homogenization is meant for the_______________-Uniform distribution of milk fat
PH of the fresh milk is the_______________6.5 – 6.7
Fat from the milk can be separated by the____________Centrifugation
Lactose is the_________________-Disaccharide
Low quality milk protein when the react with the alcohol, it_____________Precipitates
The Yoghurt is made by the_______________Fermentation
The UV treatment of the milk_____________Kills microorganisms
The Synersis means the______________Separation f whey
The Gerber method is used for the determination of the________Fat
Which one is not the fermented product______________?Milk powder
The Yogurt culture contains the__________Streptococcus
In the dairy and the food industry CIP stands for the______________Cleaning in place
Lactation in the milch animal starts the______________After calving
How many lactation cycles, the cow completes in the one year_____________1
Which of the following factors affect the milk composition___________?Animal fodder
Lactation cycle
Animal breed (All of these options are correct)
Which of the following is recommended to preserve milk______________?Aseptic packing
During the storage, due to the microbial activity PH of the milk_____________-Decreases
Milk is not the good source of the_______________Iron
Milk is the poor source of the following vitamin______________Vitamin B12
The Skimmed milk contains the__________________No fat
The Cows stop milking the_________________30-60 days before calving
……………………is the not milk preservation technique.Fermentation
If we add the sugar in the milk, its density will be the__________Increase
UAF Food Sciences One Liner Questions

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